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Eva Atmatzidou

Eva Atmatzidou is the first modern fingerstyle acoustic guitarist and composer from Greece that has been signed with the leading American record label  Candyrat Records.


On May 2016 she released her debut solo acoustic guitar album "TRENOVA"  with her original compositions reaching over 1.000.000  hits on Facebook and Youtube.

Fresh ideas, astonishing and virtuoso hybrid and extended guitar techniques, imaginative and creative use of effects (no loops, no overdubbing) are combined in her compositions within a very personal sound and feeling. 

Her music has been characterized "cinematic" and travels the audience from East to West, from rhythmic and percussive grooves to sensitive e-bow melodic lines, from pure acoustic to more effected guitar sound -- all in a way that makes it hard to believe that whatever is heard, it is just played by a single guitar.

Eva Atmatzidou guitar

"It is very rare that an artist is so unique that they occupy their own musical space. (...)Greek guitarist  Eva Atmatzidou just happens to be one of these very special artists who defy description."

Fingerstyle Guitar Journal

"She has her own unique musical writing style that is at times beautiful, at other times whimsical, but always serving                the music."               


Candyrat Records


"Walking the line  between "composition" and "improvisation" she manages to offer us a considerably imaginative and voluptuous  musical result." 


Kostas Grigoreas, for TAR

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