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Eva Atmatzidou


Eva Atmatzidou was born and raised in Giannitsa, a small town in the North of  Greece.


She has studied Music & Psychology. She is currently working on her Master in "Philosophy and Arts" (MA).

Eva started composing for solo guitar in 2013. Her debut solo fingerstyle guitar album was released in 2016 by the American record label Candyrat Records.

She has also released an album as a singer/songwriter and  has  two poetry books published.

Since 2006 she lives in Athens.

Music Studies

Psychology Studies

Eva has studied Classical Guitar, Classical and Modern Harmony, Counterpoint and the Fugue.

She has attended various classical guitar masterclasses with R. Dyens, R. Aussel and others. She has also attended Jazz guitar improvisation lessons and modern singing classes, as well as Old Μusic and Jypsy Jazz masterclasses. 

The last few years she has a special interest in studying History of Art and she has also studied Composing Music At Theatre, at the National Theatre of Greece, focused on more experimental and avant garde ways of composing.

In her fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing and composing this knowledge gets in dialogue with the "real music life" and experience of an on stage performing musician, as Eva has also been involved with other musical instruments through the years, such as bouzouki, mandolin and the piano.

Eva has also studied Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her special interest is in Educational and Developmental Psychology.


After receiving her Degree, she attended specialized education on Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Specific Learning Disabilities and on Counseling Children, Parents and Teachers.

Eva Atmatzidou

As a Songwriter

Eva also composes her own songs, both music and Greek lyrics.


In 2010 her first comprehensive work was released, a CD named “Mateo Roz”, including eleven of her songs.  

Since 2006, when she moved permanently in Athens, she has met and collaborated with many Greek artists (O. Peridis, L. Kalimeri), touring around Greece and abroad in live concerts, playing the guitar, the bouzouki, the mandolin and singing. She has also been recording as a musician for other artists' cds (H. Alexiou, M. Lidakis, G. Merantzas, K. Koullia and others).

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

In February 2013 Eva presents her first composition for solo guitar, named Rondat, combining the philosophy of fingerstyle playing and classical guitar with the technique of picking and the sound of acoustic guitar. "Rondat" was included in the list for VCE examinations on Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar from 2020 until 2022 in Australia.


In September 2014 her second composition for solo acoustic guitar, named “Tsouka Rossa”, was released on her youtube channel. It is a composition based on a Greek traditional mode named "nikriz‟, dissected through different styles, rhythms and techniques. “Tsouka Rossa” was featured at the American record label Candyrat Records youtube channel, as a guest artist's video.

Her first complete solo guitar album, "TRENOVA" has been released 2 years later, on May 2016 through Candyrat Records, including 8 compositions for solo fingerstyle acoustic and 12string guitar. 

In 2017 she started organizing "Fingerstyle Invitations to Greece",  inviting great Fingerstyle guitarists and composers from all over the world in Greece, sharing concerts and workshops on Fingerstyle Guitar way of thinking and techniques . 

On January 2020  her new composition "Message to Tommy Emmanuel" was released by Candyrat Records as a single, sharing an idea of what she is working on. "Message to Tommy Emmanuel" is dedicated to the guitar legend and will be one of the compositions included in her new album.

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