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Pende - Vraditis
Dedicated to Morton Feldman

When everything is trying to be fast and on time, Pende - Vraditis is a composition about exactly the opposite. It is a composition about slowness, about the things that are happening in this enlarged time, that we usually don't take, trying to reach faster and faster our next goal.

It is also an experiment about how the timbre can affect our perception about the style of the music, so exactly the same musical notes are played in two versions: a) with a classical guitar and b) with an electric guitar and effects. In both versions it is played as slow as possible, depending on what the sound of the instrument "returns" each time.

Pende - Vraditis also wants to be free from what is currently considered as "nice" or "beautiful". It could be considered as a kind of a political statement, a dispute about the sense of time, beauty and freedom of personal expression.

So, what kind of music is this? Does the timbre affect YOUR perception of this music?

Can Pende - Vraditis just be a deeply heart broken love song?

Based on a poem written by Erik Satie

An experimental miniature composition for 12string guitar headstock and a voice without a voice.

The rhythmic structure of this composition is based on the poem "Aubade" ("Texts not to be read aloud - A mammal's Notebook), written by the French composer Erik Satie. The melodic part is based on specific aleatoric music rules decided.

Do not sleep, sleeping beauty.

Listen to the voice of your True-love.

He skips a rigadoon. He loves you so.

He is a poet.

Can you hear him? Is he just sniggering?

No; he adores you, sweet Beauty!

He skips another rigadoon and catches a cold.

Don't you want to love him?

He is a poet, though, an old poet!

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