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Eva Atmatzidou Trevova

"Trenova is every place where someone can find peace and hope. Every land, where after a long trip, you can finally put your luggage down and smile at yourself and at a new, better life."

"Trenova" is Eva's debut solo acoustic guitar album released by the legendary American record label Candyrat Records on May, 2016.

It includes 8 original compositions for solo acoustic and 12 string guitar. 

All the sounds that are heard are produced simoultaneously, using a hybrid fingerstyle-picking technique and some effects (no loops, no overdubbing). 


Her compositions combine a variety of different musical styles, colors and techniques within a very personal sound and feeling.

"(...)  And I was convienced. Just because I like to hope. One way or another, songs, like the ballons, travel alone wherever they want to..."

"Mateo Roz" is Eva's debut album as a songwriter and was released in 2010. 


It includes 11 Greek songs, with both lyrics and music composed by her. It is a full orchestrated album with some of the greatest Greek musicians participating.


The great Greek singer Lizeta Kalimeri participates singing two of Eva's songs and there is one song that Eva composed on a poem written by her father, George Atmatzidis

It is a limited edition, available only through this page for anyone who would like to have it.

Eva's physical cds can be sent everywhere. Ask for them using the contact form